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"Hello. I hope somebody is listening."
Aled Last is a secondary main character in Radio Silence. He's the creator of Universe City, the sci-fi podcast that the main character is obsessed with. He is close friends with Frances, and has had a life-long friendship with Daniel. He also had a dog, Brian.

Physical Appearance Edit

Aled was described to look younger than his age, with round blue eyes and blond hair as soft as a baby's. He never seemed to be comfortable with the clothes he wore, and always looked like "a child who'd lost their mum in a supermarket". Like Frances, Aled enjoys wearing weird clothes, but was often seen wearing plain clothes like Daniel had picked them for him. In the future, he gets his ears pierced, and also gets tattoos.

Personality Edit

Aled is very creative. He tends to speak in a quiet voice and is quite introverted.

Relationships Edit

Frances Janvier - The two met on Twitter, though neither of them knew it was each other until later. Their friendship truly began when Aled called Frances and quoted Universe City. This sparked a chain of events that led to them becoming very good friends. Frances also started helping Aled with some aspects of Universe City. When Aled started avoiding everyone while he was at university, Frances was the one to take action to help him.

Daniel Jun - Aled and Daniel have been friends since birth. Though the two of them are different, they're "inseperable". When they were fourteen, they kissed for the first time, and their relationship developed from there. They didn't want to explain it to people, so they kept it as something just for themselves. After Carys left, Daniel felt as if there was a strain in their relationship, though they were able to get through it by the end of Radio Silence.

Carys Last - The disappearance of his twin had a large impact on Aled. The entirety of Universe City was a cry for help, hoping that Carys would find him again. Thankfully, Frances was able to get Carys to visit Aled, which got Aled to stop running. After the events of Radio Silence, Aled lives with Carys.

Carol Last - Aled dislikes his mother, due to her belief that academia is the only path in life. Their relationship became even more strained when she killed his dog.

Charlie Spring - In Heartstopper, the two are good friends, though Aled was not able to notice Charlie's eating disorder. Alice has stated that the two drift away before the events of Radio Silence, perhaps reconnecting in the future.

Tao Xu - The two are good friends. Aled is often the one trying to stop Tao from accidentally hurting others, due to the fact that Tao is loud and very blunt.

Trivia Edit

  • Aled used to have a galaxy painted on his ceiling.
  • Aled gets night terrors.
  • If Aled went to Hogwarts he would be a Ravenclaw.
  • His MBTI is INFJ.
  • Jack Kilmer is Alice's fancast for Aled.
  • Aled is liked by all cats, even the shyest and grumpy ones flock to him.[1]
  • Alice and many others believe that sometime in the future, Aled will come to identify as nonbinary. This is not canon, however, and people can believe whatever they want to in this regard.

Sources and references Edit

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