"Hello. I hope somebody is listening."
Aled Last is a secondary main character in Radio Silence. He's the creator of Universe City, the sci-fi podcast that the main character is obsessed with. He is close friends with Frances, and has had a life-long friendship with Daniel. He also had a dog, Brian.

Physical appearance Edit

Aled was described to look younger than his age, with round blue eyes and blond hair as soft as a baby's. He never seemed to be comfortable with the clothes he wore, and always looked like "a child who'd lost their mum in a supermarket". Like Frances, Aled enjoys wearing weird clothes, but was often seen wearing plain clothes like Daniel had picked them for him.

Personality Edit

Aled is very creative. He tends to speak in a quiet voice and is quite introverted.

Trivia Edit

  • Aled used to have a galaxy painted on his ceiling.
  • Aled gets night terrors.
  • If Aled went to Hogwarts he would be a Ravenclaw.
  • Jack Kilmer is Alice's fancast for Aled.
  • Aled is likes by all cats, even the shyest and grumpy ones flock to him.[1]

Sources and references Edit

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