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Fereshteh "Angel" Rahimi is one of the narrators of Book 3, along with Jimmy Kaga-Ricci. She is Iranian and a hijabi Muslim of the Shia sect. She is a fangirl of the band "The Ark."

Angel isn't her real name, but in the book she does interoduce herself to everyone as "Angel." The only people that call her Fereshteh in the book are her parents she she is calling them.

In the book, Angel meets her online BFF for the first time in real life, They stay in London together, with another unexpected guest. During the book, Angel also meets Jimmy, and the two form an unlikely friendship.

Physical appearance Edit

Angel has tan skin, brown eyes and is 6'0" tall. She wears the hijab.

Personality Edit

Angel is described by Alice as "the most drama queen character." She is extroverted and social. She is "almost hyperactive" and "doesn't really think before she does anything." She likes to live 'in the moment.' She's also quite observant, such as when she realized that Mac is only pretending to like The Ark to get closer to Juliet.

Trivia Edit

  • Angel is the name she uses online. Her real name is Fereshteh Rahimi.
  • Originally her surname was Ahmadi, but since there is a successful Iranian author named Fereshteh Ahmadi, Alice decided to change it to Rahimi.
  • Alice has said that her MBTI personality type is ENFP[1] and her Hogwarts House would be Gryffindor.

References Edit

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