Book 4 is Alice Oseman's upcoming 4th novel. On her blog, Alice has revealed some information about the book. However, not all information may be true to the final draft:

  • It will feature mental health issues. [1]
  • It's likely about asexuality/aromanticism [2][3][4][5][6][7]
  • It will have at least 3 main characters. [8]
  • It's part of a two-book deal with I Was Born For This.[9]
  • It will be quite personal to Alice. [10]
  • It will feature several WLW.[11][12]
  • The main character will likely be called Georgia.[13][14]
  • It will be set in the first year of university.[15]
  • The book likely will have 4 parts: Old, New, Borrowed and Blue. This is a reference to an English tradition that is said to bring the bride luck on her wedding day.[16]
  • There will be a character named Sunil.[17]

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