Elle Argent is a minor character in Heartstopper and a friend of Charlie. She is a trans girl and goes to Harvey Greene Grammar School (Higgs). Before appearing in Heartstopper, she was mentioned in the Nick and Charlie novella.

Appearence Edit

Elle has dark brown wavy hair with light brown skin and dark eyes. She always has a smile on her face and wears a pair of quirky black glasses with round lenses.

Personality Edit

Elle is sweet, caring and friendly, even though she went through bad times being bullied after she came out as trans. She is cheerful and loves talking to people and has a mutual crush on Tao.

Biography Edit

Elle is a trans woman, and went to Truham before she came out. She transferred to Higgs in year 11.


  • Elle likes weird artsy films and fashion.
  • Elle’s MBTI is ENTJ
  • Elle's name means "she money" or "she silver" in French.
  • Her first on-screen appearance was in 5 Days of Solitaire. However, this story isn't considered canon by Alice anymore, which makes Heartstopper her first canon appearance.
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