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Elle Argent, portrayed by Yasmin Finney, is a recurring character in Heartstopper. She is best friends with Tara Jones, Aled Last, Isaac Henderson, Nick Nelson, Darcy Olsson, Charlie Spring, and Sahar Zahid, and is the girlfriend of Tao Xu.


Elle is multi-ethnic, with her father being from the United Kingdom and her mother's family being from Egypt. Elle is very tall for her age, standing at 6'1" (the same height as Nick). She is extremely beautiful, with dark brown wavy hair, light brown skin, and dark eyes hidden away by black round glasses. She's often seen wearing wavy sun dresses or skirts with patterns made by herself.


Elle is overall very sweet, caring, and friendly. Her transition led to her being bullied and even caused her to not be able to see family members in Egypt due to the transphobic laws there. Despite the trauma she's endured, Elle is very creative and artistic, upcycling clothes and mentions applying to art schools after graduating. She's somewhat boastful, playfully competing with Nick and Tao at the bowling alley during Charlie's 15th birthday. With Tao, she lovingly teases his short stature, referring to him as "Tiny Tao", though she is shown to get quite bashful around him due to their crushes on one another.


Elle Argent is a trans girl, and went to Truham Grammar School for Boys before she came out. She transferred to Harvey Greene Grammar School for Girls following her transition and bullying from her peers in year 11.


  • Elle likes weird artsy films and fashion (her character profile also states that she likes making clothes).
  • Her MBTI type is ENTJ/The Commander.[1]
  • Her maternal grandparents live in Egypt, but Elle hasn't visited them in many years due to the prevalent transphobic attitudes present in the country.[2]
  • Her name means "she money" or "she silver" in French.
  • Her first appearance was in 5 Days of Solitaire. However, this story isn't considered canon by Alice anymore, which makes Heartstopper her first canon appearance.
  • Her favourite film is Moonrise Kingdom.[3]
  • Her Instagram handle, as shown in the television series, is @elle_universerocks.