Frances Janvier is the protagonist and narrator of Radio Silence. She is close friends with Aled, Raine, and Daniel, and used to be friends with Carys before she disappeared. Her father is Ethiopian while her mother is English.

Personality Edit

Frances is very creative and an excellent scholar. She tends to act very differently around her school friends than when she's on her own, calling her other personality "school Frances". She enjoys wearing "weird" clothing, much like Aled.

Appearance Edit

Frances has brown, curly hair that is of a medium length. Her skin is light brown and freckled. Though she used to straighten and put up her hair, she stopped doing it as much after she befriended Aled.

Trivia Edit

  • 'Toulouse' is a reference to the French city, since her name is France-es.
  • A lot of people pronounce her last name wrong, since she is surprised when Aled pronounces it right (/Zjan-vyay/).
  • Frances has seen Four Weddings and a Funeral over fifty times.[1]

Sources and references Edit

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