"Happiness is the price of profound thought."
Michael Holden is one of the main characters of Solitaire. He is a speed skater and eventually attends the Winter Olympics.

Appearance Edit

Michael is described as an ordinary-looking boy, whose most noticeable feature is a pair of thick-framed glasses. He has brown hair that is usually gelled into a side-part, but when it isn't it's described to fly around in wavy tufts. He also has heterochromia iridum, with one eye being blue and the other being green. During his cameo in Radio Silence, the narrator remarked that he seemed nerdy and awkward for an athlete, due to his height and the fact that he was wearing "massive glasses and jeans that were slightly too short for him."

Personality Edit

Unlike Tori, Michael is very optimistic and wacky. He used to be quite infamous at Truham because of this. However, Michael can also get very angry at himself and the world.

Michael hates school and likes dogs.

Trivia Edit

  • He can barely see out of his blue eye due to an accident causing discoloration known as Heterochromia.
  • Tori describes him as 'not ugly but not hot' and 'miscellaneous'.
  • Michael eventually gets a corgi.
  • While skating, Michael wears lenses.
  • His Myers-Briggs type is ENFP.

Quotes Edit

  • "Dear God, the age of the computers in here must be a criminal offense. I can hear the haunting symphony of a dial-up connection." — Michael's first line
  • "Aren't mysteries fun? Don't you wonder?"
  • "Some people aren't meant for school. That doesn't mean they aren't meant for life."
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