This is the extended Solitaire timeline, which features events from Solitaire, Heartstopper, This Winter, and Nick and Charlie.

CW: Suicide, EDs

2010 Edit

January Edit

  • Heartstopper starts.
  • Nick and Charlie meet for the first time.
  • Charlie breaks up with Ben.

February Edit

  • Nick and Charlie start having feelings for each other.

March Edit

  • Charlie realises he has feelings for Nick.

April Edit

  • April 17th: Nick and Charlie kiss for the first time.
  • Nick and Charlie start dating.
  • Oliver knows about Nick and Charlie's relationship.
  • April 27th: Charlie turns 15

May Edit

  • Tara and Darcy know about Nick and Charlie's relationship.
  • Tori knows about Nick and Charlie's relationship.

June Edit

  • It is revealed that Charlie has an eating disorder which started when he was bullied (2009) after being outed as gay.

September/October Edit

  • Tori starts Sixth Form at Higgs.
  • Nick starts Sixth Form at Truham.
  • Michael starts Year 13 at Higgs.
  • Charlie attempts suicide.
  • Charlie is checked into a psychiatric hospital.

December Edit

2011 Edit

January Edit

  • Solitaire starts.
  • Lucas transfers to to Higgs.
  • Michael and Tori meet for the first time.
  • Solitaire's pranks start.
  • 22nd/23rd - The Solitaire Meet-up Party takes place

February Edit

  • Higgs burns down.

2013 Edit

September/October Edit

  • Nick leaves for university.
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