Tao Xu is Charlie's best friend in Heartstopper and Nick and Charlie. He is also Elle’s boyfriend.

Personality Edit

Tao is Charlie's closest friend, who he seems to be quite close to since he immediately picked up on Charlie's crush on Nick. He is far more extroverted than Charlie. His personality type is ENFP.

He is also said to be loud, as he accidentally made the word get out that Charlie was gay, because he talked too loud and he was overheard. He also seems to have quite low self-esteem as shown that he didn’t think that Elle liked him back even though it was very obvious that she did.

Appearence Edit

Tao has dark eyes and hair with slightly tanned skin. He wears the normal Truham uniform, but regularly wears a woollen beanie in and out of school no matter the weather.

Trivia Edit

  • Tao used to be called Luke, but this was changed for the Nick and Charlie ebook.
  • Tao was accidentally the reason word got out that Charlie was gay, as he talked to loud about it, although he didn’t know until Charlie told him.
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