Tara Jones is a supporting character in Heartstopper, although Alice has said she will get a bigger role in chapter 3. She is Nick's old crush, and their "relationship" was used by Harry to make Charlie jealous.

In Chapter 3, Nick confides in Tara about his relationship with Charlie, in turn Tara officially introduces him to Darcy, her girlfriend.

Personality Edit

While we don't know an excessive amount about Tara as a character, we are aware that she is a caring person, shown through her empathy towards Nick's situation in Chapter 3. However, we still know that she is not particularly tolerant to ignorance, illustrated by 'Why are straight people like this?' - an iconic line in response to Harry's hetero-normative assumption that Nick was flirting with both Tara and her girlfriend.

Trivia Edit

  • She and Nick were each other's first kiss.
  • Her MBTI is INFP/The Mediator.
  • She's a Gryffindor.
  • She's in Higg's orchestra, along with Darcy.
  • In chapter 3, Darcy says that Tara didn't know she was a lesbian until they had kissed multiple times.
  • Their ship name on Tumblr is 'Dara'

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