The Ark is the name of the boyband that Jimmy, Lister and Rowan are part of in I Was Born For This. They play "pop/rock/electronic" music.[1]

History Edit

As of IWBFT, the band has reached international fame across Europe and Asia, but they have yet to really break trough in the USA.[2] They have released an album and several singles.

Members Edit

The band currently has three members, who all play their own instruments:

Jimmy: lead singer, guitar, keys, and a launchpad live.

Rowan: backup vocals, bass guitar, guitar

Lister: drums, backup vocals [3]

Jimmy and Lister are childhood friends, which could possibly mean Lister, who they met in their teenage years, joined the band later on. All three members are close friends, although Jimmy and Rowan are a bit closer than Lister is to them.

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