• This timeline is based on Solitaire, which means it conflicts with the current Heartstopper timeline. Adding 6 years to every date will get you to this updated timeline.
  • For an extended timeline focusing on the events of Solitaire and Heartstopper, go to Solitaire Timeline
  • Since the events aren't written with a specific year in mind, this timeline may not be completely accurate with reality. It simply helps putting things in perspective.
  • Events on this timeline aren't necessarily canon.

2010 Edit

January: The events of Heartstopper start.

December: The events of This Winter take place.

2011 Edit

January-February: The events of Solitaire take place.

February: The prologue of Radio Silence takes place.

2012 Edit

Summer: The events of Nick and Charlie take place.

2013 Edit

April: The events of Radio Silence start.

December: The events of Party Girls start.

2014 Edit

August: The events of Radio Silence end.

2017 Edit

August: The events of I Was Born For This take place.

2020 Edit

June 21st: The Adoption mini-comic takes place.

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